Monday, July 2, 2018

28 Things I Learned at 28

I am now officially 29. BRB currently freaking out that I only have year left in my 20s. 28 was still a good year. To sum it up, I got rid of negative people and made new positive friends. Went to a music festival alone. Had the same job for over a year. Finally have good roommates again.Visited Panama City Beach, Vegas and Los Angeles for the first time. And was almost on a god awful reality tv show. Needless to say....28 was crazzzzzzzy. I did however learn a lot more than I could ever imagine & here is list i'd like to share with y'all.

1. Its still ok to do things alone.
2. Hangovers are more real and more painful when you are closer to 30.
3. You have to work to make money. But don't take it too seriously.
4. Disney movies will still make you cry, no matter what age.
5. People are fake. Like so so so so so fake.
6. Eating ice cream and watching true crime documentaries will turn into a daily thing.
7. Never pay to park anywhere unless you HAVE to. Use the legs God gave you.
8. Chipotle will forever have the best burritos. sorry.
9. Live life the way you want to. Its YOUR life after all.
10. Fill up your passport. The world is beautiful.
11. Your parents will be proud of you, even when you fail, because you still tried at something.
12. Friends will ditch you for their boyfriend. It sucks.
13. Love your grandparents with everything you have. (RIP Meema and Grandma Dee)
14. Compliment strangers. They could end up becoming one of your best friends.
15. Stand up for what you believe in. Don't let anyone knock you down.
16. Ibuprofen is your best friend.
17. You might find a grey hair. Be prepared.
18. The word "bro" isn’t cool. It’s obnoxious.
19. Everyone around you will be getting married and having babies. Just watch Serendipity. It will be ok.
20. Bagel Bites are still as good as they were when you were 12.
21. Live in the moment. But take a damn picture if you want to.
22. Its totally ok to wait over 2 hours for a table at Bartaco.
23. Level 611 of Panda Pop is really hard.
24. Not everything will go as planned. Roll with it.
25. You never know what someone else is going through. Be kind.
26. Las Vegas is really expensive and does get cold.
27. Visit your hometown every chance you get.
28. McDonalds ice cream machines are still broken.

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  1. Love it! You may even find more than one grey hair!

  2. So proud of you and the lessons you learned. #11 is so true!!!! Love You!!!

  3. #25 is so true! Everyone should practice that! Great post!!